About Us


Pittsburgh and Medina bird fairs

We have five huge bird fairs in two locations!  Garden City Hall in Monroeville PA on Sundays and the Medina County Fairgrounds building in Medina Ohio on Saturdays.  Join us!



At each fair we have a large variety of baby birds from our quality breeders - from finches to macaws.  We also have birds for adoption from our local rescue organizations and birds for rehoming from private bird owners needing to find new homes for their birds.  Come find your new feathered friend today!  For the health and safety of all involved we ask that you leave your personal pets at home.  If you would like to have a table with us to rehome your pet bird, please text, email, or PM us for a reservation for an upcoming fair.


Bird cages and toys

We have an enormous variety of vendors joining us from 5 states bringing with them parrots, softbills, cages, aviaries, toys, playgyms, perches, supplements, dishes, swings, bulk food, treats and everything in between.  These birds fairs are huge and full of great deals!   You never know what you'll find as each fair is different!  You can find these paradises for parrots in Monroeville, PA and Medina, OH

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